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IIT JAM Geology syllabus 2021; IIT JAM, The Joint entrance examination conducted every year by one of the IIT for the admission of MSc and other postgraduate programs in science offered by prestigious IIT, IISc, and IISER. Out of the total 6 subjects held in IIT JAM, Geology is the Important one. So to score good marks you should start your preparation as early as possible. The first step of any entrance exam preparation is knowing the Syllabus. A better understanding of the syllabus not only helps for an effective preparation but also plays a great role in boosting your confidence. So in this post, I will update the IIT JAM Geology Syllabus 2021. Go through the syllabus and keep studying.

IIT JAM Syllabus For Geology

Syllabus of IIT JAM geology consists of total 9 chapters. The detailed IIT JAM entrance exam syllabus for geology is given below.

The Planet EarthOrigin of the Solar System and the Earth; Geo sphere and the composition of the Earth; Shape and size of the earth; Earth-moon system; Formation of continents and oceans; Dating rocks and age of the Earth; Volcanism and volcanic landforms; Interior of earth; Earthquakes; Earth’s magnetism and gravity, Isostasy; Elements of Plate tectonics; Orogenic cycles.
GeomorphologyWeathering and erosion; Transportation and deposition due to wind, ice, river, sea, and resulting landforms, Structurally controlled landforms.
Structural GeologyConcept of stratum; Contour; Outcrop patterns; Maps and cross sections; Dip and strike; Classification and origin of folds, faults, joints, unconformities, foliations and lineations,; shear zones. Stereographic and equal area projections of planes and lines; computation of true thickness of beds from outcrops and bore-holes.
PaleontologyMajor steps in the evolution of life forms; Fossils; their mode of preservation and utility; Morphological characters, major evolutionary trends and ages of important groups of animals – Brachiopoda, Mollusca, Trilobita, Graptolitoidea, Anthozoa, Echinodermata; Gondwana plant fossils; Elementary idea of verterbrate fossils in India.
StratigraphyPrinciples of stratigraphy; Litho-, chrono- and biostratigraphic classification; distribution and classification of the stratigraphic horizons of India from Archaean to Recent
MineralogySymmetry and forms in common crystal classes; Physical properties of minerals; Isomorphism and polymorphism, Classification of minerals; Structure of silicates; Mineralogy of common rock-forming minerals; Mode of occurrence of minerals in rocks. Transmitted polarised light microscopy and optical properties of uniaxial and biaxial minerals.
PetrologyDefinition and classification of rocks; Igneous rocks-forms of igneous bodies; Crystallization from magma; classification, association, and genesis of igneous rocks; Sedimentary rocks – classification, texture, and structure; size and shape of sedimentary bodies. Metamorphic rocks – classification, facies, zones, and texture. Characteristic mineral assemblages of pelites in the Barrovian zones and mafic rocks in common facies.
Economic GeologyProperties of common economic minerals; General processes of formation of mineral deposits; Physical characters; Mode of occurrence and distribution in India both of metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits; Coal and petroleum occurrences in India.
Applied GeologyGround Water; Principles of Engineering Geology

Weightage of IIT JAM Geology Syllabus 2021

Knowing the important chapter is the easiest and smartest way to score high marks. By analyzing previous year question papers I have made a list of important chapters. Here I am listing the weightage of various chapters on the basis of marks. Give importance to these chapters and practice more and more questions to excel in the entrance examination.

Important ChaptersIIT JAM Geology Exam Weightage by Marks
structural geology18
Planet Earth19

Final Words

An early preparation will help you to complete the IIT JAM syllabus for Geology.So start your IIT JAM preparation as early possible and practice as much as questions to boost up your score. All the best for IIT JAM 2021.

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